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How to Use This Portal

Search for Resources

You can search for resources using the Find Resources toolbar in a couple of different ways:

Keywords Field Search:

Type keyword(s) that apply to your search in the keyword(s) field in the Find Resource toolbar. Then, click the Search button above it.

Category Search:

Use the filters in the Find Resources toolbar to browse content by resource type, topic, audience, condition, and/or skill level.

You may select multiple categories or de-select categories by holding down the CRTL key (PC) or COMMAND key (Mac) and clicking on as many or as few categories as you wish. Then, click on the Search button at the bottom or top of the Find Resources toolbar. If your search returns few or no results, try broadening your search.

To reset the filters and start a new search, click on the Clear button at the bottom of the Find Resources toolbar.

Review a Resource

Share your thoughts with other patients, researchers and community members by submitting a star rating and written review on each resource you use. Your feedback will help ensure that the resources listed on this portal are useful, reliable, and high quality. It will also help others determine if a particular resource might be helpful to them.

To submit a review, please create an account first. Once your account has been created, log in to your account and click on the resource you want to review. Then click on the "Review This Resource" box at the bottom of the resource page and follow the instructions.

Suggest a Resource

If you have a resource that you think should be included in the INSPIRE Research Portal, please tell us about it.

To contribute resources, you must create an account first. This is required for several reasons:

  • We may need to verify or gather more information about the resource you are contributing
  • We may need to contact you in the future for an update to the resource
  • We would like to acknowledge your contribution along with the resource if and when we list it on this site

Once your account has been created, log in to your account and click on "Suggest a Resource" in the top navigation toolbar.