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James Lind Alliance (JLA) Guidebook
by James Lind Alliance


This guidebook is a step-by-step guide to the processes involved in a James Lind Alliance (JLA) Priority Setting Partnership (PSP).

Frameworks and Strategies
Engagement Techniques
Community/Advocacy Organizations

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Staff, Editors
CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network

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Resource Reviews

When you access the link for this resource, download the JLA Guidebook. We used this resource for our PCORI-funded study generating research priorities in low back pain. I only give this resource a 4 because it is specific for the James Lind Alliance & priority-setting partnerships (understandably!) As a result, some of the information didn't apply to our work. That being said, it provided a great framework so we didn't have to start from scratch and many of the concepts are applicable to other aspects of stakeholder partnerships. It is a very comprehensive guide for priority-setting including good practices for group based activities as well as templates for timelines, conflict of interest forms, and examples of roles and responsibilities for different members of the team.
Reviewed by: Lavallee, Danielle (University of Washington)
Average Rating: 4 / 5